Thank Goodness for Jeremy Corbyn

At times it does indeed feel like living in some kind of twisted Twilight Zone. We seem to ridicule and discredit those who want peace, compassion and political not fatal solutions to disputes. All conflict ends in a political solution, afterall. One of the only people speaking ANY sense re Syria at the moment is Jeremy Corbyn. Yet his position-NOT a pacifist, but force as a LAST resort, not first, is labelled as ‘weak’. It is in fact literally the opposite of that. Strength is sticking to what you believe in, based on an incredible track record of being correct about these things. It is worth remembering history has proven Corbyn correct on at least the following:

*Iraq X 2
*Syria X 2 (and soon to be X 3)
*Not arming Saddam Hussein in the 1980s when we did
*Arpartheid (seems obvious now, but Corbyn was arrested for protesting against this while the Tories-in power at the time-were calling for Mandela’s head!)
*By acting as a Teller for the opposite side to his own view in order to force Parliament to vote, and now recognise, BOTH Israel and Palestine as States.

You can also throw in:

*The ‘Birmingham Six’
*The ‘Guildford Four’
*Forseeing in advance the financial crash and massive failure of Neo Liberal Free Market Capitalism in the 2007/2008 financial crash, the affects of which are still on-going 10 years on, telling those in power, even down to the specifics of the problem in the American sub prime mortgage market and banks….but was ignored Etc etc….

Given that those in politics and the media who were COMPLETELY WRONG re these issues, are now mostly the ones criticising Corbyn again re his current stance on Syria (you know, following the law and the things we signed up to!), then perhaps it is easy to see why the world we live in is as f**ked up as it is.

Corbyn must feel like the person who ‘discovered’ the world is round, while everyone else is laughing at them and insisting its flat! The sheer blind arrogance of these war-mongering f**kwits is beyond astonishing.

Thank goodness for Jeremy Corbyn, eh?!


Adam Samuels