What is Pegasus spyware?

Pegasus is a highly sophisticated spyware developed by the Israeli cyber intelligence firm NSO Group. It is designed to infect and infiltrate mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, running on iOS and Android operating systems.

Pegasus is capable of exploiting vulnerabilities in these devices, often through deceptive tactics such as spear-phishing attacks or malicious links. Once the spyware infects a device, it gains complete access to its data, including messages, emails, call logs, photos, and other sensitive information. It can also activate the device’s camera and microphone for surveillance purposes, effectively turning the device into a powerful spying tool.

What sets Pegasus apart from other spyware is its advanced capabilities and its ability to evade detection. It operates silently in the background, making it difficult for users to detect its presence on their devices. Additionally, Pegasus is constantly updated and upgraded to exploit newly discovered vulnerabilities, making it highly adaptable and elusive.

Pegasus has been primarily used by government agencies and intelligence organisations for surveillance purposes. However, there have been cases where the spyware has been misused and abused, targeting human rights activists, journalists, and other individuals of interest. Its potential for misuse and invasion of privacy has raised significant concerns among privacy advocates and cybersecurity experts.

The existence of Pegasus came into the public spotlight in recent years through investigative reports by media organisations such as The Guardian and Amnesty International. These reports highlighted instances where Pegasus was allegedly used to target and monitor individuals across the globe.

They claim to be a private company but are an arm of the state

Antony Loewenstein explains:

Be careful what you say folks. Big Brother is listening.

Penny Lane

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