The BBC does good things but is looking embarrassingly out of date

Thanks to Geraint Edwards for this very short clip.

We think it is important, given how absurdly partisan and right wing the BBC news, politics & current affairs now is, that Carole is given the right to reply, and is heard. In a similar same way Andrew Marr was with Shami Chakrabarti, Andrew Neil pushed things even further when targeting the Guardian journalist Carole Cadwalladr. That the BBC allowed these, and many similar examples (Grace Blakeley being patronised-again-on This Week-,again with Andrew Neil and also Michael Portillo) to sail by without apologising or forcing those guilty to apologise, says everything that is currently wrong with the BBC.

The BBC is needed and must always be defended in terms of keeping it. But it still pays out-and-out racists like Melanie Phillips, Rod Liddle, Dan Hodges et al to appear on their flagship current affairs programming. The BBC does wonderful things, too. But it is looking very tired, very ‘old school’ (and not in a good way), very embarrassingly out of date, very stale, very white and very male overall. The BBC requires a radical overhaul to it’s culture, presenters, producers, editors and top dogs. It needs saving from itself.

The BBC, in terms of the news, political coverage & current affairs is genuinely an embarrassment as things stand. There is a reason the flagship BBC Radio 4 Today programme has lost nearly a million listeners in just this last year.

Massive credit to The Daily Mash & especially the brilliant Rachel Parris for highlighting this. Solidarity will all those targeted by these BBC dinosaurs.

Adam Samuels