The BBC is silent on NHS Privatisation

If you have not read the work of Steven Lukes start now. Read the ‘third dimension of power’. Read how we are not so much controlled by the spin attached to what they do tell us (although that is very important) but by everything that they choose not to tell us. Keeping it out of our consciousness is the ultimate in control.

Repeat the message you want to perpetuate sure. But the message that will stir the population? Keep it off the menu as much as is possible.

Then you have the majority and you can control them.

The BBC has a special gift for this as it is run in the main by the state or its representatives. BBC News in particular is an unfulfilling broth and no matter how much is consumed cerebrally it is impossible not to feel empty even if you kid yourself you are full. They are not alone but they are the only one the government forces us to pay for.

Beware the NHS being sold off to large corporations by people who sell freight contracts to businesses without any ships.

What we must do is share the messages that the corporate media do not want the many to consume. We can, for example, save the NHS but we have to follow some simple methods.

See you on the ‘barricades’.

Douglas James