If ever you want an example of exactly how furtively the media influences what they push into our consciousness and what they deliberately downplay, check out the Andrew Marr newspaper review yesterday.

Last week, Prime Minister Johnson’s affair with Jennifer Arcuri hit the headlines with revelations that it went on for four years including on the couch at his family home. It has been widely reported that during that time Ms Arcuri was allowed on three taxpayer-funded trade missions he led.

Johnson also spoke at a series of technology events organised by Arcuri, who went on to receive £126,000 of taxpayer money in event sponsorships and grants

Marr had the Sunday Mirror, which had covered this story, at the bottom of his pile of newspapers.

He highlighted the ‘Optimistic Boris’ story, the ‘Boris counting the days to a pint and a haircut’ story, the ‘Irresponsible PM’ story….
… but somehow missed the story Johnson should be being held to account over right now.

Marr conveniently ‘forgot’ the Mirror headline about Johnson and Arcuri and threw to his off-sider, Hugh Pym, with an unprecedented level of unintended sarcasm, “Now Hugh Pym. We have you here, and we have you here partly because you will give us the truth.”

As Jim Royal would say: ‘The truth my arse’.

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