Given, as several studies show (Check out the LSE study from a couple of years ago as just one example), Jeremy Corbyn was the most lied about politician ever, previously and now, this is a truly surprising result. It makes one think how successful we could have been had here not been sabotage and blanket outright lies.

Several Labour activists got physically assaulted literally BECAUSE of the aforementioned lies. Including people in our own constituency. So it is important to point these things out, because the media won’t. How many reading know Jeremy Corbyn had a failed assassination attempt against him (see Darren Osborne court records), was physically assaulted on at least two occasions, many death threats etc…how many reading know about the Senior Citizens being literally knocked-out campaigning for Labour?

Owen Jones also got physically assaulted in a really horrific way. How many know all this? Exactly…

The media have a very, very important job. If they stop lying, present the facts and let people make their minds up with the *actual* facts, it would be a start. But then the Tories would never be in power, would they…The reason they don’t allow this? Because anyone who is a threat to the Establishment and is *actually* for The People, gets demonised and lied about, bullied, harassed etc etc. We must also highlight THE most serious consequences of media lies…when Jo Cox tragically lost her life. The media need to be held to account, as do the Government, because their lies have very, very, very serious consequences.


Adam Samuels

‘Brexit campaigners were claiming that a remain vote would result in “swarms” of immigrants entering the UK, that it could trigger mass sexual attacks. Just hours before the murder, Ukip unveiled its infamous “breaking point” anti-immigration poster. Mair came to regard Cox as one of “the collaborators”, a traitor to his race. The passionate defender of immigration and the remain campaign was a legitimate target in his eyes.’

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