Theresa May struts around as if she owns Britain and yet domestically and globally she is Britain’s worst enemy.

Nearly a year has passed since the catastrophe of Grenfell Tower. Even at the time it was played down by Theresa May and it quickly became clear that it was a political football, a battle of the privileged few against the lives of the victims. Politically (for the Tories), Grenfell is dead, promises lie hollow and empty in a vacuum of empty words. Real people with real lives, are completely ignored in the corridors of Tory power.

The recent atrocities in Gaza have been met with absolute silence from Number 10 and its incumbent. The UN has voted to send international war crimes investigators to Gaza, a vote in which Britain abstained. Abstention, like silence, is a vote, in what is self evidently a humanitarian crisis.

The despicable treatment of the Windrush generation, has risen to become the most recent visible tip of the iceberg of Theresa May’s ‘hostile environment’, but the Windrush victims of Theresa May and her government are just part of a national war against the poor and the lives of ordinary people.

The DWP has turned Britain’s social security safety net into an Orwellian nightmare, targeting the poorest and most vulnerable people in Britain.

With the NHS in crisis, ideologically driven by Jeremy Hunt, it now emerges that thousands of skilled foreign workers with jobs to come to have been denied visa’s when the county, and particularly our NHS, is crying out for them.

These a just a few of the crises facing the people of Britain. The examples are legion and it is almost embarrassing choosing a seemingly select few on a weekend when homeless people sleeping on the streets are being socially cleansed in Windsor whilst welcoming people sleeping on the streets for the spectacle of a royal wedding.

All this is being presided over by someone who is more the embodiment of a Voodoo curse than a human being.

Gaza is, quite rightly, called a genocide, yet Britain is in the grip of an economic genocide which has already cost hundreds of thousands of lives. It is impossible to know anything like the real figures of this economic genocide because the government has gone to extraordinary lengths to hide them and their role as the primary cause in the murder of UK citizens.

We are told that Identity politics is something that we should not engage in as it’s a distraction from the real debate we should be having about policies. But that’s just more misleading flannel and bullshit. It is politicians themselves who drive identity politics, Trump being the most hideous global example. In Britain, Theresa May, the media and the right wing of the Labour party have entirely focused on Jeremy Corbyn. Theresa May and the Conservatives relentless attacks on Corbyn are as brutal as they are a series of manufactured lies.

Try as she might to attempt to portray herself as a leader, Theresa May is, in reality, a monster. Since taking office she has abandoned any pretence at truth and simply lies her way through Parliamentary business and to the nation. What Cameron and Osborne did as a couple of over privileged posh boy mouthpieces for the neoliberal take over of Britain, May pursues with what looks like a personal vendetta against the people. She exudes a miasma of evil that is terrifying. She is, like a cancer, destroying Britain from within.

Her power lies in her slavish devotion to wealth. There is always money for whatever misbegotten scheme she comes up with next, as she delivers cuts, hardship and death to the rest of us. Whilst eradicating the poor, who were innocent of any crimes leading to the global financial crash on which the Tories entirely bogus austerity was based, she throws money at the criminals who caused it as she asset strips the nation and our meagre lives for profit.

The publics greatest enemy in this war against us is not May and the Tories, it is the complicit media which legitimises her and upholds her every day. Were the media to do its job instead of following the money and the prejudices of their billionaire owners, May wouldn’t last a moment. On this particular weekend it is appropriate to consider May riding in the carriage of a quisling media supporting an enemy force occupying the UK, where her victims, sleeping rough on the streets, are removed whilst an army of servile sycophants gather for her parade, sleeping rough on the streets.

For Britain, it is a time of insanity, a psychological attack of immense proportions, reducing and diminishing us to disposable ‘stock’ and economic slaves. I don’t have to look far to discover what that feels like, I have only to ask myself, “How are you doing Keith?” The answer is, “Not well.” Like so many others I am personally under hostile state attack. Sure, I’ll fight them all the way, but that’s not the point. I am retired and have terminal cancer, that I am having to fight for my own survival, against the state, in my autumn years, is a travesty of life and social justice. The government presume to dictate the measure of my worth yet no one, but no one, has that right, even though they bogusly exert the might through deceit and treachery.

The pressure is immense, at times I find myself wanting to climb the walls and rip my face off, but one thing is absolutely clear to me, the need to fight them, because surrender is death. Their end will come, that is unquestionable, the only matter is when and in that, every body and every voice matters, certain that ***We are better than this!*** We are not mere victims, we are also the cavalry. If not us, then who? It is our humanity that they have declared war on, and it is our humanity which leads the fight.

Keith Ordinary Guy.

Research linking care cuts to 120,000 deaths ‘is fresh evidence austerity kills’

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