The cover up is failing

This is probably the most damning collection of links that I have sent  to your office via email so far see below).  I have repeatedly reminded you, since  you entered No10, that we live in the Information Age, where lies and  cover-ups, and false flag and blackmail operations, are regularly  exposed for the obvious attempts at deceit that they are.  So, I am honestly surprised that our seat of government has not taken these observations on board and recognised that there is now nowhere for our  elected leaders, or those elevated to the peerage for that matter, or  even higher (even if only by association with criminals) to hide from  the gaze of the general public any more.

This appalling litany of Establishment deceit, which itself contains  many and varied additional links, paints a damning picture of the calibre of those who serve in public office.  As I say in my own link, and as I have said to you before, those who fail to condemn must, logically, condone the abuse of children, even if if by their failure to support demands for action that would expose the genuinely guilty.  This failure to act or react causes, in the public’s mind, the question regarding those public officials’ and officers’ own sexual preferences to arise.

We have heard, only very recently, that the SIS and LMPS worked to compile dossiers regarding known Establishment paedophiles in order that they might be useful as blackmail tools.  The question arising from that new knowledge is, obviously, “for use by who, against whom?”  This question becomes all the more pertinent when we add to the new knowledge, facts already known:  Hayman and Savile, both close to Thatcher as well as certain royals.  Harris, far enough “in” to be invited to paint the Monarch’s portrait on – if I remember correctly – her 80th birthday.  Rock, about to be tried for possession of indecent images of children.  Royal connections aside, there are two glaring examples of direct involvement at the level of your own office, one of them while you are the incumbent.

Now let’s add in a DWP Work and Pensions Secretary whose refusal to move departments during your reshuffle went entirely unchallenged by you, and you can see how the image that has formed in the minds of many people can be quite sordid.  I believe I asked you in a previous email, Prime Minister, what is being held over your head that is powerful enough to permit one of your subordinates to stamp his foot and point blank refuse to depart from a major government department.  You never did reply to that enquiry.  Add in the fact that you have not ordered an all-out investigation into alleged sexual abuse within the Palace of Westminster and the painted picture receives another splattering of perceived smut.

The cover-up of historic, and even the contemporary, abuse of children by Establishment figures and those who move in the same circles has to STOP, Prime Minister, and it has to stop now. Because if it doesn’t, those involved are going to wake up one morning to learn that one of the sacrificial lambs who have been thrown onto the mercy of the courts so far will actually not have been a lamb at all, but a ruddy great birdie who will have decided to sing loudly and clearly about who he remembers seeing at certain parties and in photographs that spend most of their time shut away in bank safety deposit boxes.

When that happens, the guilty shall fall, but they will also take down with them all those who – under whatever twisted motives they might have – have chosen to assist in the circling of the Westminster wagons and present their memories of events as “faulty.”  Your own failure to act, bolstered by recent reports of your poor judgement of certain individuals, could well mean that you, personally, would be on the receiving end of a taped interview at Paddington Green Cop-Shop.

In your own interest, as well as that of obtaining justice for hundreds, if not thousands of sexually abused youngsters, I strongly recommend that you announce a carte blanche investigation palette for the police.  Not our own, because it is strongly suspected that the rot has spread even into their ranks, but by a specially constituted squad comprised of officers from the various police forces of the European Union.  This matter has now become far too serious to permit our police to investigate themselves.


Darren Lynch