Winter is on its way, the temperatures have dropped, the daylight hours are limited and this usually means one thing; the bike has a long earned hibernation in the garage or shed until the first glimpses of spring. However it doesn’t have to be this way, with some carefully selected products and planning there is no reason to not explore the winter months comfortably and happily. I am forever quoting the following ‘There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing’ and it is true, if you wrap up warm and wear suitable clothing, the fun is endless.

Rain and showers are common, so the odds of getting wet are quite high. Wet roads will get you drenched if you don’t possess mudguards. I hate wind, every cyclists hates the wind. I find that dropping the gears is effective in allowing a more efficient spinning and definitely reduces the impact on the body.

Ears, fingers and toes personally bear the worst effects of the chilly conditions but with some quality clothing choices the cold weather conditions can be overcome. Wearing a buff cap under your helmet and purchasing a quality pair of winter gloves will help.

On the topic of clothing, my best piece of advice is not to skimp on quality; you really do get what you pay for. Waterproof and breathable is ideal but not cheap

So you don’t have to let the winter month’s impact on your cycling routine and result in a loss of fitness which you probably accumulated throughout the summer. We all acknowledge that it can be hard to sustain the motivation to pedal when it’s cold, wet, windy and dark but the UK’s weather is never that bad and if you apply a modicum of common sense, then you really can pedal all year round.

Scot Whitlock

Editor, CADENCE Cycling Magazine
Whitlock McCann Media Ltd

Twitter: cadencemag  Website:

Author, ‘Simple Words from the Saddle, Simply More Words from the Saddle & The Way of St James’
Twitter: @saddlescot
Columnist at Dorset Eye and Leamington Courier
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