#StopFunding Hate identifies where the real toxicity lies in the UK media. As it seeks to raise funds the Mail and the Spectator are some of the targets in its sights.

‘Did you that the Daily Mail has admitted that it lost a stunning 265 advertisers before last year’s decision to change editor and “detoxify”?

This is far more than we knew about – and it’s another sign of the impact that #StopFundingHate campaigning methods can have.

Can you help share knowledge of these tactics with community groups across Britain by backing our new Crowdfunder?

This week brought another reminder of the ongoing problems in the UK press. The Spectator ran an article belittling domestic abuse and suggesting it should be made more difficult for British Muslims to vote.

The more people we can empower with knowledge of #StopFundingHate tactics, the more pressure UK media will face to stop aggressively targeting Muslims, trans people, and other minority groups.

So please support our new Crowdfunder if you can – and if you’ve donated already, thank you so much! (You can still help by sharing our Crowdfunder page on Facebook or Twitter).’

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