Eddie Mair goes through Liz Truss for a shortcut here. Truss is just one of the many terrifyingly stupid and completely dishonest Tory ideologues who are now running things. A government of amoral idiots, voted in by amoral idiots. It won’t end well.

For all of those who voted Tory, never say you were not warned:

  1. Prison Conditions and Justice Reform: Truss, during her tenure as Justice Secretary, faced criticism over prison conditions, with reports of overcrowding, violence, and inadequate staffing levels. Critics argued that her reforms did not effectively address these issues, leading to further strain on the prison system.
  2. Judicial Independence: Truss came under fire for her response to attacks on the judiciary and the rule of law. Some critics accused her of failing to robustly defend judicial independence, particularly in the face of criticism from certain media outlets and politicians.
  3. Saudi Arabia Arms Sales: Truss faced scrutiny over the UK’s arms sales to Saudi Arabia amid allegations of human rights abuses in Yemen. Critics accused her of prioritizing economic interests over human rights concerns, leading to calls for greater transparency and accountability in arms export decisions.
  4. Public Sector Pay Freeze: Truss was criticised for her support of the public sector pay freeze, which impacted nurses, teachers, and other essential workers. Critics argued that this policy was unfair and undermined morale among key workers, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  5. Education Policy: Truss’s approach to education policy, including reforms to the curriculum and assessment systems, attracted controversy. Some stakeholders, including teachers’ unions and education experts, raised concerns about the impact of these reforms on students’ well-being and educational outcomes.
  6. Brexit Trade Disruptions: Truss faced backlash over trade disruptions following the UK’s exit from the European Union. Businesses, particularly those involved in exporting and importing goods, criticised her handling of border arrangements and customs procedures, which they argued led to delays and increased costs.
  7. Gender Equality and Women’s Rights: Truss’s record on gender equality and women’s rights came under scrutiny, with some critics accusing her of failing to adequately address issues such as the gender pay gap, workplace discrimination, and access to reproductive healthcare services.
  8. Climate Change Policies: Truss’s approach to climate change and environmental policies drew criticism from environmentalists and opposition parties. Some argued that her policies lacked ambition and failed to adequately address the urgent need for action to mitigate climate change and transition to a low-carbon economy.
  9. Transparency and Accountability: Truss faced accusations of lacking transparency and accountability in her role as a government minister. Critics raised concerns about her handling of sensitive issues and decision-making processes, calling for greater openness and scrutiny.
  10. Political Allegiances and Loyalties: Truss’s political allegiances and perceived loyalty to certain factions within the Conservative Party sparked controversy, particularly amid internal party disputes and leadership challenges. Some critics questioned her independence and ability to represent the interests of the wider public rather than specific party factions.
  11. Handling of International Trade: Truss, as Secretary of State for International Trade, faced criticism for her handling of trade negotiations, particularly regarding post-Brexit trade deals. Some critics argued that her approach lacked transparency and efficiency.
  12. Agricultural Trade Deals: Truss faced backlash from farmers and environmentalists over concerns about potential trade deals that could lower food standards and allow for the import of products such as chlorinated chicken and hormone-treated beef. Critics accused her of prioritizing trade relationships over food safety and environmental protections.
  13. Equality and Diversity: Truss attracted controversy for her comments on issues related to equality and diversity. Critics accused her of insensitivity and a lack of understanding regarding minority rights and LGBTQ+ issues.
  14. Brexit Negotiations: Truss was involved in controversies surrounding the Brexit negotiations, particularly regarding the Northern Ireland Protocol and its implications for trade between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK.
  15. Party Leadership: As a prominent Conservative Party figure, Truss has been embroiled in internal party controversies, including debates over leadership styles, policy directions, and party management.
  16. Human Rights: Truss faced scrutiny over the UK government’s stance on human rights issues, including its relationship with countries accused of human rights abuses. Critics questioned her commitment to upholding human rights standards in the UK’s international relations.
  17. Social Media Presence: Truss has occasionally faced criticism for her social media activity, including tweets and posts that some deemed inappropriate or controversial.

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  1. Liz Truss – British Prime Minister. And people though Boris Johnson was bad. After 65 non-consecutive years in power since the second world war and Truss is the politician who floats to the top as the next Conservative leader and un-elected Prime Minister? Really? If Truss is the best that the Conservative party has to offer the country God help them and God save us all.