I copied this but forgot to get the name of the person who first said it… (Martin Ison)

“I feel sorry for the Leavers who are adamantly sticking to their rhetoric no matter what the facts show. They are the highly manipulated product of decades of capitalist, far right politics and, to be fair, they are only bleating what they have been taught. When you feel totally disenfranchised and those who run the country bombard you with images of immigrants apparently taking your birthright from one side and with “You too could be a celebrity and have everything you have ever wanted” tv on the other side, you are bound to blame the wrong people. The more you are faced with the evidence of the misdirection, the more you will fight for your right to have nothing but want everything.

The government is rubbing its hands watching the Leavers and Remainers lock horns as while we are otherwise engaged they are free to pursue their own self- interest. That Leavers resort to name calling and hair pulling is just an indication that they can mimic the behaviours they see in the House and do so because these people have what they aspire to. They are too uneducated to realise they are willing pawns in an elitist game and are delivering exactly what is being asked of them by their puppet masters. This is why democracy doesn’t actually work – you put power into the hands of those you hothoused to be your agents and they just do what they were programmed to do.”

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