Regrettably it has become blatantly obvious that the police have been asked to show their gratitude to the government for the huge number of goodies they have been promised in the Policing Bill – removing many of the inconvenient human  rights which hamper the way they can treat potential suspects.

Suddenly the police demanded that  the potentially damaging Sue Gray report be watered down or edited to protect their long awaited investigation. Why?  Who benefits?

Strangely despite the threat of legal action the  Metropolitan Police  had up until then refused to investigate Downing Street Partygate. Then Boris Johnson suddenly realised that Civil Service investigator Sue Gray had strong evidence and he could be in the firing line. 

Now, despite their previous reluctance, the proposed Metropolitan Police   investigation would kick the detailed Partygate investigation into the long grass, weeks ahead.

Bearing in mind the police will only give out a few fines, perhaps £10,000 at most, just a smack on the wrist,  it makes much more sense to get to the root of the problem now, and publish the report in full.

The British people need to be given the full facts, so everyone, including the Tory Party, can draw a line under this unedifying, series of entitled, alcohol fuelled escapades, which show a total lack of respect and empathy  for the ordeals many ordinary people were suffering when  keeping to the rules.

Any other solution would show the police to be simply the government’s tame lap dogs, to be used to hush up inconvenient problems.

The government must be held to account! We are not a police state, run for the convenience of the police and shifty politicians!

Andrew Milroy

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