There is so much that centrists are to blame for but will not accept. The defeats in the 2010, 2015, 2017 and 2019 elections for a start but most importantly their refusal to accept democracy in the 2016 EU referendum. They fought tooth and nail to blame the public for wanting to escape the apparatchiks who themselves are merely slaves to the corporate machine.

They see politics only as a game for themselves. They have no real ideas about how the country can be made fairer in a real sense. They come up with little things that make no real difference to the lives of the vulnerable whilst maintaining the wealth and power gaps to enable the establishment to maintain their grip.

From Blair to Brown to Miliband and back to Callaghan and Wilson the country has seen some good things happen but not nearly enough to make a sustainable difference. If they had then they would have been in No 10 for a lot longer and would not now be perceived as pariahs; especially the war criminal Blair.

The facts are that if the Labour party had united behind their twice elected leader he would probably be PM now. As it is they blame him for their own mutiny and Machiavellian conspiracies built around lies and innuendo.

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Even in the 2011 referendum on voting changes they managed to persuade the majority of the electorate that other than First Past The Post every other system would be too complex. What does that say about their attitude to the British people given that the majority of European countries can cope but not us? It says we should be ruled and not welcomed in to a democracy. Well I say that many of the public are a lot brighter than you careerist charlatans and this country deserves much, much better.

Jeremy Corbyn could have lead us out of the desert. The careerists though preferred never ending sand to the green shoots of hope.

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Penny Lane

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