The NHS Conspiracy: Dr Bob Gill

It is often said that only two things in life are certain: Death and taxes! Or maybe three. That at some point you and your family will need medical help.

That’s why British workers still overwhelmingly support our NHS, which lends a helping hand to all, and a lifeline to those of us who need it – when we need it most.

It is a hand that 70 years of experience have led us to trust, and to love. Some of those experiences have been opsweeter, some more bitter, but all have made our lives infinitely easier than had it not been there – yet all is not rosy in our NHS garden In this excellent video, NHS Health campaigner and GP Dr Bob Gill and NHS Surgeon Ranjeet Brar speak about the challenges faced and the threat posed to our National Health Service by privatisation that started as a slow, hidden creep, but is increasingly breaking cover and becoming a headlong gallop toward the ditch of a disjointed and bankrupt system.

We cannot afford to let that happen. We cannot allow ourselves to become resigned to its inevitability. We cannot afford to stop caring for the health system and its workers – who care tirelessly for us. This meeting took a generous donation to help Dr Bob Gill , who is paying the enormous production costs of his very important movie “the great NHS heist”, out soon, and dedicated to spreading knowledge of how our NHS is being damaged by privatisation, and what we can do to save it.

If you wish to help, (HELP!!) you can donate right now: Please give generously! We have undertaken to help him, and the best way is to organise a meeting locally, invite him along, educate your friends, colleagues and neighbours, and take a collection. When his movie “the great NHS heist” (and it really is a robbery; grand larceny!!) comes out, invite him for a screening and do the same! Think of it as an investment – a cheap one, but a shrewd one. Trust me, you never want to see a private medical bill, a private health insurance premium, or get told your insurance won’t foot the bill for your medical care when you, your child, your parents, relatives or close friends get ill (we will all need the NHS, and none of us know when, out how badly).

Get involved. Subscribe! Donate! And most importantly: philosophers have only interpreted the world, the point, however, is to change it! Join us in building a bright future for humanity!