The corporate media will attempt to discredit this report especially the far right Mail, Express, Torygraph and Sun but that is as ever was.

This from the New Statesman:

‘Sir Michael Marmot says in the introduction to his latest report, published today, that “austerity will cast a long shadow over the lives of the children born and growing up under its effects”.

‘The analysis in the report concludes that poorer areas suffered the most from cuts under austerity, and that the most deprived people, such as single parents out of work and people living in the poorest areas, also suffered most due to changes to benefits and taxes.

One of the key messages was that healthy choices are made almost impossible for the poorest people. For example, those in the poorest 10 per cent would have to spend 74 per cent of their income to provide a healthy diet, according to NHS guidelines.’

Personally I see this on a daily basis but for others perhaps life is best behind closed lids or abject denial. Whatever, the reality is killing people and that is beyond question. It’s a FACT.


Penny Lane

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