Sharing my last blog on the politics of hoplessness I ran into the now-age-old slur that, never mind what has been written, I am an ‘antisemite’ because ‘I support Jeremy Corbyn’. The ‘debate’ went on until I said something viciously impolite and blocked the attacker. 

The concept of antisemitism has become as meaningless as my daughter angrily calling me a ‘Pooh-pooh head’. It is used as a slur and a diversion from debate. As such, it is part of the Labour Party’s right wing politics of hopelessness.

Every suggestion as to the welfare of the working class is reduced to antisemitism, even when Jews aren’t present or mentioned in the debate. It has ceased to have meaning and takes away from any rational discussion. In said Facebook thread, I pointed out that I was merely discussing the politics of hopelessness, yet it went back to name calling and threats to my career. 

Edicts come above from the apparatchik that some policy or another is to be shown to the Daily Mail/Sun reader with the caveat, ‘Here’s my policy – if you don’t like it, I have others’. With the yah-booh politics of the deranged right wing media (from the BBC six inches down to the gutter), policy is not for discussion or debate. If someone suggests a vaguely working class-centric solution, they are a ‘pooh-pooh head’ antisemite. 

I will not discuss the ins and outs of real antisemitism in the party in question too much; I will merely observe that there are more racists and bigots allowed to have a voice now than ever under Mr. Corbyn. There are certainly a significant number of ethnic Jews who oppose the Palestine genocide and are told they are ‘self-hating’ and to shut up or be expelled for being anti-themselves. 

So yes, when branded something, you are not saying nothing about a major global faith; just remember that this is part of a generalised attack on debate and nothing more personal than an eight year old calling you a pooh-pooh head: the politics of hopelessness. 

As ever, I proffer no solutions. I personally have lost all faith in the ballot box. Those with the cojones to be called a pooh-pooh head for supporting the working class might still think otherwise. 

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Richard is a West Dorset based commercial content marketer, community activist and all round change seeker.