The Prevent Programme : A Conversation

The film takes in a range of different views on the Prevent Strategy, from withering criticisms of it from John Pandit of Asian Dub Foundation and Anwar Akhtar, to concerns about religious and gender segregation in society from Pragna Patel of Southall Black Sisters. We hear from supporter of Prevent, Emma Fox from Henry Jackson society, alongside contributions from community worker Kadra Buchanan and Muslim Engagement & Development network, (Mend) who all contribute to a documentary that discusses extremism, gender equality, terrorism, racism, Islamophobia, the House of Saud , UK foreign policy, Palestine and Freedom of speech. The film was produced by University of East London PHD fellow Rishabh Shrivastav and Anwar Akhtar of Samosa Media working with Academics Dr Andrew Calcutt, Simon Patrick Miles from School of Arts & Digital Industries. A group of BA Hons Journalism students worked on both this film and a Goggle box type show on the subject of the UK Government’s Prevent Strategy. For more info please go to email – [email protected]