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The Price We Pay For First Past The Post

The case against First Past The Post is well-established. It provides the bare minimum of democracy, is unrepresentative for the majority, and distorts the allocation of power. But how many people are aware of its costs in wasted public expenditure and excess taxes, its maintenance of spent ideologies and their progeny of poor policies, its role in the decline in standards of political parties and politicians and thus of governments, and its value to preferential lobbies and their appropriation of wealth?

This article seeks to raise this awareness through describing the unseen consequences of FPTP, and requests the Office for National Statistics, Institute For Fiscal Studies, Chartered Institute of Public Finance Accountancy and/or Institute of Economic Affairs to estimate these costs. Changing FPTP is an essential first step to changing the system of government. Facing up to its high costs will help build the national will for change.

for more read  http://www.treatyforgovernment.com/price-pay-first-past-post/

David Smith