Dorset says Low Pay – No Way! have helped organise a response to Richard Drax’s decision to vote against children. #ENDCHILDFOODPOVERTY

Last week, 322 Conservative MPs voted against feeding the nation’s poorest children during the school holidays. One of them was Richard Drax, MP for South Dorset. His constituency includes some of the poorest areas in the UK, with almost half of all jobs paid at or below the Minimum Wage and more than a third of children living in poverty.

Dorset’s Low Pay – No Way! campaign has joined with other community organisations to inform Mr Drax that his vote to deny poor children nourishing food was despicable, particularly at a time when many more families are vulnerable to redundancies and poverty pay as a result of the Covid-19 crisis.

To urge him to change his mind, members of the public are encouraged to continue placing empty plates at the door of Weymouth’s Conservative Club (41 Dorchester Rd, DT4 7JT) from early morning on Monday 26 October for as long as it takes for them to realise that the people of the country have seen through their malicious out of touch behaviour.

The focus of the messages on the plates is to demonstrate the symbolism of children going hungry.

Speaking for Low Pay – No Way! Jenny Lennon-Wood said “The decision not to extend free school meals through the Christmas holidays was taken by well-paid MPs whose House of Commons meals are subsidised by taxpayers. The majority of children receiving free school meals have hard-working parents in such poorly paid jobs that they struggle to make ends meet.”


Just needs to be a paper plate (though I have a few porcelain ones I wrote on the other day) with a message saying something polite and #endchildfoodpoverty. 2 First Class stamps is about right per paper plate.

Richard Erle-Drax MP’s home address is:

The Drax Estate, Charborough House, Charborough Park, Wareham, Dorset BH20 7EW

Meanwhile Chris Loder MP’s Constituency office is at 9 Challacombe Square, Dorchester DT1 3SX

You can deliver them by hand as you wish. Just BE POLITE and only send paper/INTACT real plates

Let’s give them mailbags to remember.

Well the public have already started to take it upon themselves to make their voices heard.

These campaigns have started up across the country with many who do not usually get involved in politics in an explicit fashion showing how livid they are.

However, even with the public awakening and many finally finding some empathy the Tory MP’s still try to hoodwink us.

Just take a look at Dorset West MP Chris Loader’s attempts that fall flat as reality overwhelms them.

Too often they try to pull the wire mesh over people’s eyes and then someone who is close to the action refutes their misinformation.

Some even get vicious that businesses are helping out to fill their void.

The Tories have inadvertently lanced a boil. However, they will now turn to their corporate media chums to ensure that the narrative is moved on and mostly forgotten.

Whilst the children continue to go hungry because of them.

Don’t be fooled again.

Douglas James

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