The state propaganda broadcaster, the BBC has been reporting how the Met Police have been shutting down dissent over the Coronation of Jug Ears. The attack on dissent has been long coming as an increasingly authoritarian government seeks not to listen to the people but silence them. That’s hardly the ‘freedom of speech’ they crow about when whining about ‘cancel culture’ is it? 

Han Zheng Meets King Jug Ears

The Chinese Vice President Han Zheng attended the coronation this weekend. He’s rather famous in Hong Kong for violently shutting down dissent in the uprising in the city state back in 2019. 

It seems that our beloved government thought they’d make him feel even more at home by the crackdown on protestors in the hours before anointing our big eared parasite. Indeed, Graham Smith, a leading figure in Republic told the BBC, the Met Police “Had every intention of arresting us prior to doing so.”

The Police, Crime and Sentencing Act

If you’ve not been in the protest movement for the last year, the Police, Crime and Sentencing Act might be news to you. Rushed through Parliament and used in conjunction with the Public Order Acts, Smith went onto say, “That law means we no longer in this country have the right to protest, we only have the freedom to protest contingent on the permission of senior police officers and politicians, and it’s my view that those senior police officers were under immense pressure from politicians.”

Oh, but Putin/Xin Ping…

Vladimir Putin has been in the habit of murdering and imprisoning opponents and journalists for a while. The more you look at it, the less shiny and clean our own side looks. We invaded Iraq so what high ground had we over Ukraine? He murders journalists like Anna Politovskaya so we lock Julian Assange up over exposing US war crimes. Old Zhengy boy will have been overjoyed to see us arresting 60 odd people for threatening to let Jug Ears’ big ears hear that some of his minions didn’t much like him being anointed. 

Authoritarian Laws to Crack Down on Protest

Though I am not one myself to glue myself to a motorway with XR, Just Stop Oil and the rest of them, I hold these people in high regard. Yes, if you’re a businessman in a big BMW late for your meeting you might get a bit aggy, but I bet you never had a belief so strong that you would put your liberty at risk even under the old laws. These people believe strongly that we need urgent and radical change not for us but our children and grandchildren. 

The government put this new law in place with environmentalist protestors in mind, and as ever, legal creep has it shutting down any dissent that might hit their PR machine. 

Oh, but Hate Speakers…

The right does like to harp on about hate speakers like Katie Hopkins being banned from speaking to their knuckle dragging followers in the likes of Weymouth Pavilion. If they did genuinely like freedom of speech then they wouldn’t be locking people up for questioning why a big eared old fossil whose great 20something times over grandfather invaded the UK in 1066 and imposed Norseman rule over an otherwise egalitarian nation gets crowned when 11 million of his subjects are desperately struggling. 

It works both ways – you can’t allow a hate speaker to stir the turds in the community yet ban those who love our planet/way of life from protesting. 

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