The Right: Venezuela, Venezuela, Venezuela, Venezuela…

Jeremy Corbyn is on holiday, cycling in Croatia, yet the mainstream media and the usual suspects within the Labour Party are stirring it up and attacking him once again, asking why hasn’t he condemned what has happened in Venezuela?

Why hasn’t Theresa May? She’s the Prime Minister. 

Why hasn’t Vince Cable? 

Why hasn’t Nicola Sturgeon? 

Why hasn’t Arlene Foster? 

Why hasn’t Caroline Lucas? 

The Left; “4 million children in poverty” 

The Right; “VENEZUELA!” 

The Left; “12-13 manifesto U-turns by the Tories since the GE 8 weeks ago” 

The Right; “VENEZUELA!” 

The Left; “Cabinet in chaos over Brexit, leadership challenge rumbling” 

The Right; “VENEZUELA!!” 

The Left; “Homeless epidemic on the streets” 

The Right; “VENEZUELA!!” 

The Left; “Foodbank usage up 2,700%, food banks running out of supplies, in work poverty, Nurses and Police Officers using food banks” 

The Right; “VENEZUELA!!!!”


Eddy Abs

What is really happening in Venezuela?