Dorset Council employs 27 Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs) across the county. Their primary aim is to ensure ‘100% compliance by the motorist’ but in lots of cases, their role is very misunderstood.

Urban myths perpetuate that Local Government CEOs work on commission per Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) that they issue, and that they are set quotas or targets to meet. But, nothing could be further from the truth and in fact there are laws in place to prevent the imposition of quotas and targets.

Many of our CEOs are first aid trained and as a visible presence on the street are sometimes first on the scene where emergency treatment has been needed. CEOs also work closely with the police and colleagues from Dorset Waste Partnership to identify abandoned vehicles, or vehicles that might be of interest to the police. Parking enforcement also plays an important part in planning for major events such as the Sea Food Festival, IRON Man, and carnival days to ensure that an on-street presence is maintained.

When speaking with CEOs please remember that parking restrictions are in place for reasons of safety or to keep a highway clear, and our officers do their best to carry out their roles with fairness and professionalism.

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