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The Scum is paying NHS staff to slag off the Labour party policy on health care

This isn’t journalism this is a fascist rag spreading fascist lies for cash. The Scum is a dog whistle tabloid seeking to protect their owners billions whilst destroying democracy.

If we are offered a free copy there are a myriad things that it can be used for, most off them involving pets.

Or as Tom Lane describes:

I was in Weymouth Town Centre yesterday and saw this sign in the window of Londis (it’s no doubt all over the country pre-election). 

I went in and complained. I said: “It’s false advertising. The sign says there’s ‘no catch’, but there is. The catch is that people reading their free Sun will be more likely to vote Tory and therefore for policies that are bad for them and lead to early death for poor people.”

The woman in the shop looked rather bemused.

Douglas James


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