From his own mouth this sociopath has to go. He is more representative of the callous right wing government than most of its supporters and unaccountable to the public.

‘Get rid now. To those of you who believe in this government, read this. This is why they left the schools open, this is why pubs & restaurants only closed yesterday. You & your family are the cattle in the herd.’

Tim Shipman, Political Editor of the Murdoch-owned Tory-supporting Times – and someone with top Downing St access and information posted this in today’s Sunday Times!

Just a few weeks ago, we learned that Cummings had hired the crazed, racist eugenics-advocate Sabisky as a government adviser! Those aware of Cummings’ blogs know he’s not averse to a bit of eugenics too! 

But this! This explains the government’s horrific, globally criticised and now utterly discredited approach (until they had to change it a week ago!)

And today’s Tory-supporting Telegraph reports on London NHS nurses having to wear BIN BAGS due to the lack of Personal; Protective Equipment! What an absolute disgrace for our frontline NHS workers not to be protected by our government!

When even The Times and The Telegraph are reporting these utter failings, when even their editors have grave concerns about the government’s actions (finally, along with the WHO, UK and global scientists and other world leaders) people should take this very, very seriously! 

Tom Lane

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