When I was a child my Mum spent all her money on alcohol. She left me home alone for hours often with empty cupboards. Once I was so hungry, I mixed everything I could find in the kitchen in a big pot and ate it. I was sick for a week.

I would turn up on peoples doorsteps that I knew in the area and ask for food. I was taken in by an old man named John who would feed me and I would often be sitting on my aunts doorstep when she came home from work. One such evening my aunt lost her temper, walked me to the pub my Mum was in, pulled her out and they started fighting outside the pub. Despite all the traumatic childhood memories I have, that one is so vivid. I was so desperate to stop that fight. I was six years old.

According to some small minded people, I deserved to starve as a child because my Mum shouldn’t have given birth to me. I quite agree, I wish she hadn’t, my childhood was a living nightmare but it was peoples kindness that got me through it. I dread to think how I would have turned out if it wasn’t for the kindness of strangers, my aunt/my rock and moving in with my Dad when I was 10, saved me.

Don’t be so quick to condemn vulnerable children to starvation, they should never be punished because of the actions of their parents.

The Tories are scum because they have the power to offer kindness and a decent meal to children in need but they have chosen not to. All whilst they burgle the public purse to keep their cronies bank balances fat.

Lucy Wood



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