The large empty void at the very centre of U.K. government, otherwise known as  Boris Johnson,  is notorious for inaction. Former Telegraph editor Max Hastings, warned us before the Tory leadership elections, that Johnson was weak, totally unsuited to prime minister.  He has been proved right.

Johnson’s weak acceptance of the wrecking ball that Cummings has driven through the government Coronavirus policy reveals just how dependent he is on Cummings. The Rod Hull and Emu analogy with Johnson as a rather more subdued bird immediately springs to mind.

But Cummings has learned  arrogance from Boris Johnson, the Old Etonian, that mere plebs can be disregarded. Ordinary  people are there to be instructed in their duties. The elite, now including  Cummings, are not bound by such restrains, that is for lesser mortals who are punished for breaking lockdown. We are not all in it together.

Cummings had access to the full British government and Tory Party resources , living  in one of the biggest cities on Earth, and yet he acted like someone on the breadline and fled to his family for support with childcare!

Former prime minister David Cameron described Cummings as a sociopath, yet Cummings claimed special understand of ordinary people. Power has corrupted him. He is now totally out of touch.

Boris Johnson’s weakness is sending out dangerous messages to the circling vultures within the Tory Party, always ready to sense any tremor or indecision. He can survive this crisis by throwing Cummings to the wolves but he has already squandered a massive amount of political capital over the Cummings Durham trip.

Andrew Milroy

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