Further to the leak to the Torygraph that the Tory government wants to further clampdown on sex education in schools and categorise transgener as ‘controversial’ (what isn’t these days?), The Bear @i_iratus responds.

As I sip my first, absolutely necessary cup of coffee this morning, I’m grappling with the latest gobsmacking bit of lunacy courtesy of none other than our very own Education Secretary, Gillian “Fucking Good Job” Keegan, and I can only shake my head in bewildered dismay.

Gillian Keegan’s latest brainwave? Keep children under nine shielded from sex education because, obviously, ignorance is bliss until they stumble upon the harsh realities via the internet or schoolyard lore. Because nothing says “preparation” like a good old surprise, right? Now, before anyone accuses me of advocating for the birds and the bees talk for toddlers, let me be crystal clear: I’m not suggesting we delve into the mechanics of sex with under nines. What I am advocating for is teaching children at age-appropriate levels about their bodies, consent, and safety. This isn’t about sexualising childhood, it’s about equipping our kids with the knowledge to identify and communicate when something isn’t right, setting the stage for healthier understanding as they grow. It’s about ensuring they know when interactions are or are not appropriate – arming them against misinformation and potential harm.

Once they do hit the age of nine – brace yourselves – education will finally grace them, but only in the most archaic, binary fashion imaginable, with undeniable whiffs of Section 28 creeping back into our lives. According to Ms. Keegan, schools will soon peddle the notion that there are precisely two sexes, a concept as scientifically nuanced as a sledgehammer. Forget any progressive understanding of gender, it’s straight back to the dark ages we go, where complexity is shunned for the comfort of simplicity. And, oh, the control doesn’t stop at stifling the curriculum. Parents are now expected to vet every piece of educational material because, naturally, professional educators absolutely cannot be trusted. What’s next? Parents hovering over surgeons during operations because they watched a few medical dramas? This is not protection, it’s paranoia dressed as policy. By wrapping kids in the cotton wool of ignorance, we’re not keeping them safe, we’re sending them into the world blind and unarmed, vulnerable to every whisper of misinformation they’ll inevitably hear, and the very real dangers of malicious presences reassuring them what’s happening are fine because “this is normal, this is our little secret.” So, as I pour another coffee and brace for the day, let’s get something straight: here, protection means arming our young people with knowledge, not stripping it away under the guise of “preserving innocence.” We need to demand an education system that equips our children for what’s out there, not one that pretends the world hasn’t changed since the Victorian era. Ignorance protects no one and only hampers our children’s ability to navigate their worlds with confidence and safety. Now, I must dash, there’s much to do and not enough time to do it.

May the force be with you, and may the odds ever be in your favour.

The Bear

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