The Yaxley-Lennon Osman Warning that wasn’t

If you cannot stomach watching arch fascist Stephen Yaxley Lennon then the following is a summary.

He is desperate for attention, money and support for his crusade of hate. Division and animosity is his aim.

This includes conning his ‘followers’ in to believing that he has been served an Osman warning on the 20th December.

‘Now for those of you who don’t know what a Osman warning is it is a warning of death threat or high risk of murder that are issued by British police or legal authorities to the possible victim.

In his video (see below) he made various threats and was waving this Osman warning about, i got a screen grab of it and posted it on Twitter asking for peoples opinions because it looked a bit Iffy to me but i wanted to be sure, it soon made it’s way around the Twitter sphere with a lot of comments saying it’s fake but no proof, however this morning i got a comment from a retired Police Officer who pointed out some glaring mistakes on this Osman warning and stated that it was fake, here is what he pointed out.

(1) The letterhead is in black and white but should be in colour. (it’s also out of alignment)
(2) There is no Police station or Headquarters address under the letterhead.
(3) There’s no contact number on the Letter.
(4) There’s no reference number on the letter.
(5) It’s not dated.
(6) The officers name is printed whereby it should be written in pen, The station do not know in advance who will be available to go to see a person so that’s why it’s not printed.
(7) No Police force would ever use the phrase “Left wing activists” as the police are non political.’ The Socialist Way

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Douglas James