Theresa May Couldn’t Have Organised a Piss Up in Oliver Reed’s Bedroom

Won’t debate!

Doesn’t stand for anything!

Won’t cost her manifesto!

Thinks she is a Christian!

Wants to lift the ban on the ivory trade?

Wants to kill foxes for fun!

Wants to drive pensioners and the vulnerable to suicide!

Cannot even do a U turn without burning out the brakes and clutch!

Will U turn again if she wins election!

Only wants a Brexit deal to suit her corporate millionaire chums!

Cannot remember her parliamentary voting record.

Relies upon MSM chums that are not tax domiciled in UK!

Serves a 19th Century gender politics!

Lies through her teeth!

Has little faith of many in her own party!

Supported by Alan Sugar (because he knows he would be out on his ear if Labour get in)!

Leads a political party that has a centuries old reputation for being cruel!

There are of course plenty more but it might have to be castor oil and prunes at this soiree my friends.

Douglas James