This could explain why all the social media pages of Tory MP’s and their supporters are  rumoured to be neo nazi bots.

Only in the Sun:

‘She is hiring troops of paid “foot soldiers” to flood key battlegrounds where Mr Corbyn’s well-organised fanatics are active.

They will be backed by units of keyboard warriors who will take the fight to Momentum – the far-Left grassroots movement – on Twitter and Facebook.’

So, Theresa May wants a Tory equivalent of Momentum? Presumably because Activate has been such an embarrassment to them? If ever you needed proof that the media/right wing narrative created about Momentum was complete and utter rubbish, then ask yourself why Theresa May & the Conservative party want to replicate it/us?

Is it because me, and the single mums, unemployed, professors, economists, solicitors, nurses, retail workers, retirees, teenagers, disabled, engineers etc etc in my WLG/Momentum group are “racists, hate-mongers, violent, abusive, extremists, sexists” etc….

…..or maybe, just maybe, because Momentum/WLG-growing by thousands per week, are an inclusive, progressive, passionately compassionate, effective force for good that managed to spend just £4,000 at the last election to reach 60% of the entire electorate V the Conservative’s millions, and were/are at the forefront of modern technology & campaigning?

Those who say “It’s established Momentum are violent and abusive”, please don’t embarrass yourselves any further. YOU are part of the problem for believing this total & utter rubbish. IF IT WERE TRUE, WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE?!, WHY NO CRIMINAL CHARGES?!, WHY WOULD PEOPLE BE JOINING, NOT LEAVING?!, AND WHY WOULD THE TORIES WANT TO REPLICATE IT???!!! If you STILL believe lies, then realise, quickly, just how ignorant, misinformed & gullible you are!!! THINK, WHY are they trying to simultaneously discredit and copy us?! Here’s a revolutionary idea, why not treat as you find???!!!

Adam Samuels

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