I decided to find out much more about the reality of the USA. The reality the corporate media keeps from us.

Here are thirty uncomfortable facts about the USA:

  1. Income Disparities: Despite being a wealthy nation, significant income disparities exist depending on key socio-economic factors.
  2. Healthcare Bureaucracy: The complexity of the healthcare system can be overwhelming and very costly.
  3. Youth Incarceration Rates: The USA has one of the highest youth incarceration rates in the world.
  4. Veteran Neglect: Many veterans face challenges accessing healthcare and support.
  5. Mental Health Stigma: Stigma around mental health issues can deter people from seeking help and lead to disturbing levels of suicide.
  6. Gun Culture: While celebrated by some, mass shootings across the country are a regular occurrence and call for a demand for much greater regulation.
  7. Food Insecurity: Millions of Americans struggle with food insecurity.
  8. Lack of Paid Maternity Leave: The USA is one of the few developed nations without mandated paid maternity leave.
  9. Opioid Crisis Origin: The role of pharmaceutical companies in the opioid crisis is a contentious issue, with profit perceived as of much greater importance than welfare.
  10. Police Militarisation: The increasing militarisation of the police force has raised concerns. Arming agents of the state in a country with high levels of inequality was always asking for trouble.
  11. Child Welfare System: Issues within the child welfare system can have dire consequences.
  12. Native American Disparities: Native American communities face a range of challenges, from healthcare access to poverty.
  13. Prison Conditions: Some prisons have been criticised for inhumane conditions as profit yet again trumps welfare.
  14. Educational Disparities: The quality of education varies significantly across the country.
  15. Electoral College Critiques: The effectiveness and fairness of the Electoral College system are debated.
  16. Immigration Detention Centers: Conditions in immigration detention centers have come under strict scrutiny.
  17. Environmental Pollution: Industrial pollution impacts air and water quality in some areas.
  18. Rural Healthcare Access: Many rural areas lack sufficient healthcare facilities.
  19. Child Marriage Laws: Some states have lax laws regarding child marriage.
  20. Human Trafficking: The USA has a significant human trafficking problem.
  21. Lack of Affordable Housing: Affordable housing shortages affect many cities.
  22. Disability Rights Challenges: Significant accessibility and discrimination issues persist for people with disabilities.
  23. Water Contamination: Some communities grapple with water contamination issues.
  24. Internet Access Disparities: Rural and underserved areas often have limited internet access.
  25. Corporate Tax Avoidance: Some corporations use loopholes to avoid paying taxes and little is done to challenge it at government level.
  26. Prison Labour: The use of prison labour for profit is a contentious issue.
  27. Voter Suppression Claims: Accusations of voter suppression have been raised in various elections, with some claiming mass fraud.
  28. Child Labour: There are concerns about child labour in certain industries.
  29. Economic Dependency on Arms Sales: The USA is a significant arms exporter that serves to kill millions of people across the planet.
  30. Environmental Deregulation: Rollbacks of environmental regulations have been criticised. Again, profiteering over planetary sustainability is cited.

In reality, no matter how much propaganda and social conditioning American consciousnesses are crushed with, the USA is an awful place for the vast majority of its population.

No matter how bad things are in a country, the UK, which is ‘allied’ with the corporate media, will remain largely silent.

One more fun fact about the USA: the life expectancy of an American is less than that of Cuba and Lebanon. Let that sink in.

Oh and one other thing about the so called ‘land of the free’.

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