It takes a certain sort of uneducated bigot to boo the ‘taking of the knee, boo another team’s anthem and celebrate a little girl crying after her team have lost. It takes a certain sort of hateful unscrupulous politician to try and win votes by appealing to these bigots.

Yesterday evening we were able to see these depraved numpties on camera and on social media.

and sit and feel extremely uncomfortable that these people exist among us.

Thankfully social media has hit back big time at those who are determined to pull the reputation of the country even lower.

And hundreds… more besides.

However, that wasn’t enough for the troglodytes. Oh no.

Now imagine we had the same policy towards humans as we do towards animals. Imagine there was a vet equivalent who would simply put the needle in and the nasty ******* would no longer make a sound. Would the country be better or worse off?

I do not advovate it but I long for the day when these ******* no longer contaminate our species.

To begin to understand why these things feel emboldened this will enlighten

We must though finish on a positive. As usual it was the minority ill in the heads who let the rest down and the majority did us proud as did both sets of players.

And the young will continue to replace those who only stain our existence.

This is what we need to move forward. And then rid our planet of ignorant nasty people who only want hate and conflict.

Douglas James


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