This Is It! As the Tories Try to Manipulate the Narrative to Con the Voters Grenfell Tower Should be the last Straw

Since the election the Tories have been in panic. They now realise that the nation was not as brainwashed as they thought. They now realise that 12 .5 million people wanted something offered by a principled and caring set of policies by a principled and caring Leader of the Opposition. Two years of arrogant and frankly obnoxious behaviour towards Jeremy Corbyn and his team came home to roost. Seven years of austerity has turned virtually half the country against them. And now they are attempting to manipulate us by stealing the clothes of the caring and principled, although as we have seen for many Tories this has proven just too difficult to maintain the pretence.

Conor Burns: The Reality of Tory Land

Robert Syms MPRobert

This is it! This is it! Ideological austerity is killing people in front of our eyes. The toxic corporate capitalism in which balance sheets and profit have been mainstreamed is now playing out across television, radio and online. Cutting corners, corruption, greed, pounds over people… the list goes on. This is it!

Bailing out casino bankers and making the poorer people pay instead of those who gain the most has cost the country countless lives and £1.7 trillion and rising. Whether we should have bailed out the banks is another issue but who should of paid for it isn’t. Slogans like ‘We are all in this together’, ‘Big Society’… and all the other bull shit has conned so many but has been obvious to many others. A giant lie. This is it!

How has austerity affected you?

Policy after policy has whacked the disabled; vulnerable; poor; women; young; old; ethnic groups; working classes; middle classes… and: health; care; education; housing; local authorities; emergency services; defence; legal aid; tribunals; wages; inflation; debt…

I am sure everyone could add plenty more to this list. This is it!

Grenfell must be the catalyst to rid of ourselves of the mentality that profit over people is an end.

The Labour MP David Lammy sums up this tragedy:

‘This is the richest borough in our country treating its citizens in this way and we should call it what it is. It is corporate manslaughter. That’s what it is. And there should be arrests made, frankly. It is an outrage.

Many of us across the country have been caught up in an election knocking on housing estate doors, travelling up to the top floors of tower blocks, and we know as politicians that the conditions in this country are unacceptable.

We built buildings in the 70s. Those 70s buildings, many of them should be demolished. They have not got easy fire escapes. They have got no sprinklers. It is totally, totally unacceptable in Britain that this is allowed to happen and that people lose their lives in this way. People should be held to account’.

We need a new set of ideas and actions now. The Conservative Party is tired and out of touch. We must have a community lead approach now in which the rich should be prepared to give up much of what they have to enable thriving and exciting environments for people to experience lives positively. Either through taxation or voluntarily they must give back to communities and society what hey have ripped off and stolen. If they don’t like it? Clear off so that we can rebuild. As Grenfell revealed we are surrounded by beautiful people. The current ideological crushing of many has to end. This is it!

Douglas James