People chose a hard Brexit-the removal of their worker rights, environmental protections, food standards and consumer rights-over the survival of the NHS as we know it. We ALL now face the consequences of that monumentally stupid, selfish, absolutely brainwashed decision. There, I said it.

These people chose to believe a serial liar, serial adulterer and obvious racist, funded by actual fascists. This is, surely, the best example of mass Stockholm Syndrome there has ever been. The ‘centrists’ and media enabled this. Supported the attacks, encouraged the attacks, started the attacks against the only resistance to Donald Trump, who BTW, is now both our Prime Minister & President of the USA. If you voted for this, If you don’t like owning this situation, hard shit.

You were warned. You’ve fucked us all over and by God are you going to own it when the shit hits the fan. You will never, ever, ever be allowed to forget the evil you have ushered in. Because you were given the evidence and warned well in a advance.

If this makes you feel uncomfortable reading this, yes, you are right to feel guilty.

Adam Samuels

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