All faiths have people who say they are part of something but carry on regardless with their social class and materialistic values. Then there are those who commit their lives to their faith. The real ones.

Why Orthodox Jews are critical of the Israeli state:

  1. Theological Differences: While Israel holds significant religious and historical importance for many Jews, including Orthodox Jews, there are theological differences regarding the establishment of a Jewish state prior to the arrival of the Messiah. Some Orthodox Jews believe that the establishment of Israel should have awaited divine intervention and see the modern state as a secular entity rather than a religiously ordained one.
  2. Political Disagreements: Just like any other country, Israel’s policies and actions are subject to criticism. Some Orthodox Jews, like members of any other religious or ethnic group, may disagree with specific government policies or actions taken by Israeli authorities. This criticism can stem from concerns about issues such as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the treatment of minority groups, or religious freedom within Israel itself.
  3. Divergent Ideologies: Within the Orthodox community, there are differing ideological stances regarding Zionism, the movement advocating for the establishment and support of a Jewish state. While some Orthodox Jews are supportive of Zionism and see Israel as a central aspect of Jewish identity, there are also many factions within Orthodoxy that reject or are ambivalent towards Zionist ideology. Some Orthodox groups sreligious study and practice over political nationalism and may therefore have less attachment to the concept of a Jewish state.
  4. Social and Cultural Factors: Additionally, Orthodox Jews, like any other religious community, are not homogeneous in their views. Factors such as upbringing, education, personal experiences, and exposure to different perspectives all shape individuals’ attitudes towards Israel. Some Orthodox Jews may have been influenced by anti-Zionist teachings within certain ultra-Orthodox sects or by interactions with Palestinian communities, leading to critical views towards Israel.

Like these Orthodox Jews who actually commit themselves to the Torah and the scriptures and know what they are doing. No pick ‘n’ mix for them.

And what they do is according to the Hebrew God, not some political whim based on a skewed version of someone else’s history.

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