‘This sadly is what the people of South Dorset voted for at the last general election’

‘Austerity for normal people and tax breaks for rich. So London areas such as Westminster undertake social cleansing , closing social housing and selling land for appartments to foreign money launderers. Weymouth and towns like it with cheap housing take from the capital in terms of vulnerable people. At the same time central government has hammered the support grants to local councils and slashed them. Then the failure to fund adult social care is put onto councils who raise a precept to pay for dementia care that should be a national issue. In the past council central grants used to be a means of social justice in that rich areas paid in and needy areas like ours received. Our area voted against this help and returned a government determined to penalise places like Weymouth and pander to areas such as Westminster.‘ (Jon Orrell)

What Weymouth & Portland Voted For?