Three things from the Tory Conference

1. A stand promoting the Cayman islands (and obviously the tax avoidance opportunities available!) At the Party Conference of our bloody government?!! They’re not even hiding it anymore! 

2. Old white people (almost as many as were at the Brexit Company’s Nazi-style rally last week) having clearly enjoyed the champagne lunch.

3. De Pfeffel arriving with a woman. Not sure if it’s:

a) Carrie Symonds, the woman he left his second wife for who was sacked from her Tory Party Communications Officer job for repeatedly submitting false expenses claims and who was heard shouting: “Get off me!” and “Get out of my flat” days before he became Prime Minister (FFS!)…..

b) Jennifer Arcuri, the US businesswoman he had an affair with when he was London Mayor and gave her contracts worth £120K of taxpayers’ money…..

c) One of the two women he is alleged to have groped when drunk…..

d) One of his first two wives that he cheated on…..

e) The mistress, Helen Macintyre, he fathered a child with and then tried to get a court injunction to keep the child’s existence hushed up…..

f) Petronella Wyatt, the journalist he had an affair with and which he lied about to the then Tory Leader Michael Howard who sacked him for lying….

g) (Yes, I’ve reached ‘g’…. about our Prime Minister….. and Jeremy Corbyn has an allotment and makes jam, FFS!) His eldest daughter Lara, who called him a ‘selfish bastard’.

Now that you’ve read all this, go back and read point 1!

The f***ing Cayman Islands!!  Pretty clear why they want to leave the EU and avoid having to comply with the EU’s new Anti-Tax Avoidance Directlive!

Tom Lane

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