TINA Is Dead! We Want ARAN

In the 1980’s we were told TINA (There Is No Alternative) was the girl about town. It was her or no one. Now TINA has grown old and very fragile and has been replaced by B0LLOX TO THAT and ARAN (Alternative Required And Quickly).

This is not to say that some don’t still hang around with TINA. Old habits and all that. Those who still believe her promises that she will show them a good time. Giving her their money whilst she squanders it all away on herself and her decrepit friends is still fashionable to some but for a fast growing number ARAN is the delicious young buck that is stealing the limelight from under her feet.

ARAN appeals to all age groups but the young in particular have taken him to their hearts. He offers a new way. Hope, empathy, friendship, listening and vitality. Whereas TINA was a taker with no conscience. She lied and manipulated. Over time people became despondent and aggressive. They lost meaning. ARAN has given them new meaning and the time to live a new life is now.

TINA made promises that were false. She said be free. When she actually meant borrow, get in to debt, be mean and selfish, blame everyone else but yourself…. ARAN also wants us to be free but in a different way. A kinder and more responsible way.

TINA’s friends say it won’t work and that it will cost us too much. But ARAN knows better. He knows that TINA cost us nearly everything of real value inside and out. He knows that a new way must be sustainable for all not just the few. He knows that although TINA and her friends will lie to avoid becoming obsolete the future depends upon him and his friends to make things better.

So when TINA or her little helpers tell you to reject ARAN and that ARAN is too expensive show them this  

AND ask them to explain why they only maintain a feint heartbeat because they continue to tell untruths. Tell them to die gracefully and let ARAN become our present and our future.

Douglas James