Today’s treat…a wonderful photo of Jeremy Corbyn and his lovely supportive wife Laura

From an article by Adrian Wait :

The hatred for Jeremy Corbyn is because the changes he proposes for our nation would increase equality, and address gross injustices. The viciousness of their puerile attacks has descended from the gutter to the cesspit. Yet Jeremy maintains his integrity and dignity, and he does not allow them to drag him so far down that he has to hate them, or join in with the duplicitous name-calling.

They mistake his long-term strategies for ‘dithering’ because of the instant gratification culture.

He remains a dignified man of integrity They say that the marks of a person will be revealed under pressure. Well, in the furnace of abuse and smears faced by Jeremy Corbyn he stands tall, he stands a ‘good’ and decent man, a determined man for the Many not the few.

400,000 members can’t be wrong (the other 100,000 don’t matter).

Rich Shrubb