Top Tips From Newsnet

Media Trust’s Newsnet Top Tips

Media Trust’s Newsnet

The UK’s leading communications charity Media Trust has launched newsnet, an exciting online project which gives everyone the opportunity to connect, share and learn to tell their local story.

Top Tips for telling your local story from the experts:

  • Try and tell a good story. Turning an issue or an event into a good narrative will help keep your audience engaged and make your piece easier to flow – especially if you have got your likely target audience in mind from the beginning.
  • Build good relationships. Get to know the people in your community – from the teacher of the local school to the policeman on the beat. A strong contact book will help you get to the bottom of what’s going on locally; and good relationships help your contributors trust you and feel comfortable in an interview situation.
    Richard Lace, Your Preston FM
  • Don’t let technology be a barrier. You don’t need specific qualifications, you just need enthusiasm, so don’t let not having top of the range equipment put you off. You can take photos on a cheap camera; you don’t need an iPhone to get your story across.
    John Coster, Citizens’ Eye
  • Be concise. If you want to engage your audience effectively, try to be brief and to the point, without waffling!
    John Eager, Ledbury Portal
  • Don’t get hung up on quality. You don’t need to produce professional, broadcast quality material. As long as you are telling a story, truthworthiness and accuracy is much more important.
    Ian Wylie, Jesmond Local
  • Join newsnet! Sign up to the free online service and receive support including tips on writing online and offline, as well as guidance on photo and video journalism and getting the most out of social media. You can also network with other community reporters around the Country and get feedback from online experts about how to develop your citizen journalism skills:
    Adam Perry, Community Development Manager, Media Trust