The Mayor of Salisbury, Councillor Atiqul Hoque, has been officially expelled from the Conservative Party following allegations of sharing anti-Semitic messages on WhatsApp and social media. The expulsion comes in response to what the Conservative Party deems “offensive and inappropriate comments” made by Councillor Hoque. Although the party’s official statement did not disclose the specific content of the messages that prompted the complaint, it has been confirmed, following a BBC report, that the messages in question were allegedly anti-Semitic in nature.

The Journal has learned that the messages attributed to Councillor Hoque on WhatsApp contain negative stereotypes about Jewish people. Additionally, a Facebook post made by him after the October 7 attack in Israel is said to contribute to the allegations. The Tory party’s decision to expel Councillor Hoque underscores the severity of the accusations.

Councillor Hoque, who has been a Conservative city councillor for St Edmund’s since 2015 and assumed the role of Mayor in May 2023, briefly served as a Wiltshire councillor as well. Despite maintaining his innocence, he has expressed his intention to resign from the Conservative Party voluntarily and has already written to the chairman of the party to tender his resignation. Despite the expulsion, Councillor Hoque plans to appeal the decision.

In the wake of his expulsion, Councillor Hoque has expressed his desire to continue serving as the Mayor of Salisbury, albeit as an Independent. He remains committed to representing the interests of the people of Salisbury, emphasising his dedication to the community despite the controversy surrounding his expulsion from the Conservative Party.

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