Dawn Denton joined a sociopathic political party who literally give the impression they don’t care about most of the population and is then surprised by how the public respond.

Dawn Denton in her own words:

‘When I moved to Frome ten years ago having worked as a tour guide across the UK, Ireland, Europe, the Balkans, I realised I needed to join groups and connect.

I joined FromeFM, the Frome Writers Collective and the Frome Chamber of Commerce (representing Frome at the Somerset Chamber of Commerce). I expanded my network and found new opportunities and friends.

Today I bring my experience as a teacher, customer service manager, tour guide, writer, public speaker, trainer, online business owner, and programme lead at Edventure Frome, to the new and exciting challenge of standing as the Conservative Candidate in Frome North.

I am constantly inspired by the positivity, care, creativity, and community spirit of Somerset. There are so many wonderful initiatives which I am eager to support and help to grow.

I am equally inspired by the hard work Linda Oliver has done in Frome North over the last 8 years. Her passion for people and community, as well as her strength in developing and nurturing relationships, is evident in all her work on behalf of this corner of Somerset.

My life philosophy is: “I am because we are”. This drives me to make a difference.

I am really looking forward to the opportunity of becoming a strong and positive voice representing Frome North in the new Somerset Council.’

How her message has changed

From ‘I am constantly inspired by the positivity, care, creativity, and community spirit of Somerset’ to ‘nasty’ locals.

Dawn Denton, the Tory local election candidate, has revealed that voters are ripping down posters and BURNING them. She fears disillusioned Blue Wall areas could ‘flip’ to the Lib Dems and Labour

  • Tory election candidate reveals her posters are being ripped down and burned
  • She describes how some in Somerset don’t want to vote Tory due to the PM
  • There are fears the Conservatives could lose ‘Blue Wall’ areas on Thursday 

All this because of Boris Johnson she says. However, she does not stop there. Apparently the response to Boris Johnson and his fellow sociopaths leads her to slam local voters too.

Dawn Denton, a Tory candidate for Somerset County Council, also claimed she would not be attending a hustings event in Frome because she doesn’t think ‘nasty’ locals will give her a fair hearing.

To be fair she does seem the perfect fit for the Tories.

Douglas James

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