Labour could potentially surge into power with a landslide victory of over 400 seats in the upcoming general election, as per the latest YouGov mega poll.

The survey, conducted among 18,000 individuals, foresees Sir Keir Starmer’s party securing a parliamentary majority of 154, with an estimated gain of 403 seats compared to the Conservative Party’s projected gain of 155 seats.

If accurate, this outcome would represent a more significant setback for the Tories than experienced under Sir John Major in 1997, when the emergence of Tony Blair’s New Labour resulted in them being left with just 165 MPs. A majority of 154 seats would also be double what the Conservatives achieved under Boris Johnson in 2019.

Prominent Conservatives anticipated to lose their seats include Chancellor Jeremy Hunt, cabinet ministers Grant Shapps and Penny Mordaunt, and former party leader Ian Duncan Smith.

The forecast also spells trouble for the SNP, with an expected loss of 29 seats, many of which are predicted to shift towards Labour. Meanwhile, the Liberal Democrats are aiming at Conservative strongholds in the so-called “Blue Wall” and are predicted to gain 38 seats.

This poll is the latest in a series predicting a Conservative defeat reminiscent of the 1997 wipeout when the country heads to the polls.

Rishi Sunak has suggested that he will announce the general election in the latter half of this year.

For those who have hope in their heart that the next election will make any difference

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