Benjamin Netanyahu heads up a government of terrorists and self-confessed fascists. Their whole strategy is to keep the Palestinians divided.

The following, by Baroness Warsi, goes to the heart of the deep state in Israel and beyond and exposes what governments do to divide their own people and those who oppose them. Scary stuff.

This is backed up and empirically supported by WIONEWS

Netanyahu’s pro-Hamas policies

Under his rule, Netanyahu ensured Hamas got unhindered access to funds flowing in from Qatar and Iran. He did almost nothing to install checks and balances, even as he knew much of it might be directed towards funding terrorism and the flowering of militant ideology.

Without these funds, Hamas would never have developed such a strong military arm, eventually carrying out the dastardly terrorist attack of October 7.

In March 2019, Netanyahu himself admitted that he supported the policy of enriching Hamas to keep the PA at bay. 

“Whoever opposes a Palestinian state must support delivery of funds to Gaza because maintaining separation between the PA in the West Bank and Hamas in Gaza will prevent the establishment of a Palestinian state,” he said during a meeting with Likud MKs (Members of Knesset).

Netanyahu had this clear plan in mind: To hurt Abbas and prevent the division of the land of Israel into two states, Hamas must be shored up.’

Although a Tory, Baroness Warsi does have form for being on the caring side of history.

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