No distraction from the Tory lies is allowed. While Rishi Sunak repeats his nonsense, in the background, their paid representatives are supposed to stand and look fascinated. Alas, one of them did not do her job, and the following reveals how quickly the situation was managed.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Ever get the feeling you are being manipulated?

If not then you might need to awaken and read the following.

  1. Message Framing: How information is presented significantly affects public perception. PR teams carefully frame messages to align with their objectives, often emphasising certain aspects while downplaying others. This can involve the use of rhetoric, selective storytelling, and strategic omissions.
  2. Agenda Setting: Political PR can influence the public agenda by highlighting specific issues. By focusing on particular topics, PR teams can shape what the public perceives as important, thereby directing public discourse and influencing policy priorities.
  3. Spin: Spin involves presenting information in a biased manner to favour a particular perspective. This can include exaggerating positive outcomes, minimising negative aspects, or interpreting events in a way that aligns with the political agenda.
  4. Astroturfing: This strategy creates the illusion of grassroots support. PR teams might organise fake advocacy groups or manipulate social media to simulate widespread backing for a politician or policy. This can influence public perception and sway undecided voters.

Just a taste of how the political sphere is a construction and much closer to a lie than the truth.

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