When thousands of voters were asked whether those in the government should now resign, having been fined for breaking the lockdown rules that they created, the majority of GB said yes. However, if one was a Tory or a Brexiteer law breaking is now a non issue for many it appears. If they have a political sympathy with a person or party then it appears they should be above the law. We have entered in to the realms of a fascist state.

What we now have is a legal system that is judged not on the justice from the courts or police but on political partisanship. We are entering very dangerous times. If this had been Jeremy Corbyn those same voters who are defending the Tory government would have wanted blood. Once this happens the fractures in society become chasms and eventually the earthquake rips the nation apart. Where that takes us will be random and violent.

What used to be odds on that a Tory voter would be the harshest on crime is no longer the case. Partygate has made them go all liberal and puff cake. They have become the Wokes of the 21st century.

In reality whoever lies to Parliament and the public should resign their office and their seat. The integrity of the nation and the public is at stake.

Penny Lane

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