A former soldier has hit back at housing charity landlords who have claimed they cannot visit premises on South Street in Bridport without police presence due to ‘concerns for their safety’.

Martin is one of three of Daniel Taylor Almshouse Trust’s (DTAT/DanTay) tenants currently disputing issues ranging from a lack of repairs to a lack of duty of care toward vulnerable residents.

The 59-year-old, who served in Bosnia, Afghanistan, and Iraq before being invalided out of the service, moved into a ‘newly refurbished’ bedsit at 95 South Street in 2022, following five years of ‘sleeping rough’.

Within months, he says he had problems with the (former) Trust Chair, David Partridge, including ignoring his reports that the windows of his new home were ill-fitting and dangerous and being charged more for rent than originally agreed.

“When Keith Day said he was taking over from David Partridge, I—and the other tenants—really hoped it would be a change for good, but sadly, we all have similar, ongoing stories of being lied to, ignored, or threatened with legal action—anything but own up to the Trust’s own failures. It’s the same old story.

“South Street is supposed to be a community for ‘vulnerable people’ but not only is there zero support for the tenants it’s the opposite; mine and the others well-being has been negatively affected by mismanagement of us and our homes.”

Martin, who receives no benefits and pays a rent of £518 a month for a damp, small room out of his army pension, says he battles with alcohol abuse and, during the stress of negotiating with Keith Day to get repairs completed, ‘fell off the wagon’ and ended up sending him threatening texts.

“I was drunk, and it was stupid,” says Martin, who suffers from PTSD as a result of experiences during his 22-year army career. “But rather than have an honest conversation, Mr. Day prefers to rattle the cage, then point the finger and claim he’s the victim—without taking any responsibility for actions and behaviours that led to this particular incident and, more widely, the insecurities felt by all of us tenants.

“He’s done it with another (75-year-old) neighbour, he lied to his face and then acts full of righteousness when the response is anger; no accountability and no care or concern for the tenants they are supposed to ”be’supporting’—condescending is the best we get but I would argue it veers into bullying and threats.

“This is supposed to be our home, but most of us don’t feel secure.”

Felicity Benfield, who has voluntarily supported a number of the tenants with housing issues, says she asked the ‘new’ Trust to consider a ‘re-set’ after the departure of David Partridge last year.

“I sent a letter evidencing serious concerns about Trust decisions and appealing for them to take a more professional, transparent, and kind approach. It speaks volumes that the only response I got was an email mistakenly sent to me (instead of Keith Day) from fellow Trustee, Derek Bussell, saying Keith Day should ‘not be placating this lady’.

“Martin’s experience is pretty typical from what I’ve seen, and Mr. Bussell’s response sums up the Trust’s approach: “Ignore, fob off, or threaten legal, police, or council action, anything but have an honest and straightforward dialogue with the tenants you are supposed to be voluntarily supporting.”

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