Trump: For many UK journalists the most basic of research is too much an ask

recent New York Times investigation gave voluminous detail to the financial background of Donald Trump. Anyone with basic knowledge of history and character can’t have been too surprised, especially those who followed his trajectory in New York City in decades before he graced TV screens in a “reality” show. 

Trump is now under investigation for tax-fraud and turns out to have been given hundreds of millions of dollars throughout his life by his father. This was in stark contrast to a shallow “self-made” myth put about by Trump. 

And who fell for that myth, just as surely as they swallowed the stuff about him being an “outsider”? Plenty of UK journalists, for whom the most basic of research is too much an ask. Sure, there was some skepticism about Trump’s finances buried deep inside more liberal papers, but the headline sheen happily played along with the spectacle. 

Will they reflect on having been so easily misled? Probably not, they will be too busy pushing whatever oligarch propaganda is being put in front of them in the present day. 

Please help support and promote independent media to counter this matrix of ceaseless BS.