Many have argued over the decades that the US public don’t do irony. This is of course wrong. Many US citizens get irony. However, there is definitely a significant demographic in which irony is a language from another dimension.

Trump supporters have just closed the debate. For supporters of a man, who supports those who support the KKK and other redneck groups and calls any critique of him fake news and… well the list is endless, to dance to one of the greatest anti fascist pro empowerment bands of all time is taking irony to a level not yet found by humankind.

It is of course no surprise. This is postmodern Earth. Truth is denounced if it is inconvenient and almost all powerful and wealthy people make it up as they go along. The issue then becomes ‘who follows them?’ Morally bankrupt people with low emotional intelligence that is who.

However, those supporting Biden and Starmer and co are not much better however much they try to convince themselves otherwise.

I cannot end without this:

Douglas James


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